Algerian Journal of Arid Regions (JARA)

The revue «Algerian Journal of Arid Regions» is an annual review specializing in global development in arid regions. It deals with subjects of an applied nature :

  • Articles that allow for better understanding the phenomena related to aridity and desertification;
  • The search for solutions to problems related to the field after a prior diagnosis.

The information and knowledge can lead the research towards axes to be developed with the help of all the researchers and the partners on the field.

The revue "Algerian Journal of Arid Regions" is aimed at researchers, engineers, technologists and specialists in the fields of arid zones and other managers who will be responsible for maintaining the present and future ecological equilibrium and preserving the steppe and the oasis environment in a strategy linked to biodiversity and sustainable development.

ISSN 1112-3273

Instructions to Authors

List of Algerian Journal of Arid Regions :

JARA N° special 2016 (2016)

JARA N° 13 (2016)

JARA N° 12 (2013)

JARA N° 09,10,11 (2012)

JARA N° 8 (2009)

JARA N° 7 (2008)

JARA N° 6 (2007)

JARA N° special 2006 (2006)

JARA N° 5 (2006)

JARA N° 4 (2005)

JARA N° 3 (2004)

JARA N° 2 (2003)